LTL & Air Freight Consolidations


Based on customer request; Pronto Freightways, Inc. is now running a consolidation lane from DTW to ORD, and from ORD to DTW. The creation of these consolidation lanes was to offer our customers a more economical way to move their LTL freight from within these lanes, WITHOUT jeopardizing their service. Our commitment to our customers is to make next day delivery for all freight that rides on this truck. Please see below for the schedules or these consolidation moves:


Departs:     Monday - Friday 19:30
Arrives:      Tuesday - Saturday 01:00
OFD:          Tuesday - Monday AM Delivery


Departs:     Tuesday - Saturday 02:00 (sweeps start Monday)
Arrives:      Tuesday - Saturday 07:30
OFD:          Tuesday - Monday AM Delivery (depending on area)

All Freight on each end is broken down and sent out for delivery the same day it arrives back to our terminals.

Mission Statement

It is the vision of Pronto Freightways, Inc. to achieve success and fulfill our responsibility to our customers, employees and the general public through traditional values. We will earn customer confidence by helpful, proactive, and professional excellence in service. We will maintain a work-friendly environment by recognizing the contributions and accomplishments of each team member. We will strive to protect the interest of the general public, as we employ trained, experienced and safety-conscious team members. With all of us working together we will accomplish our mission.